Monday, November 12, 2018

Planners 2019 (Part One)

The Great Planner Debate is over for 2019 and I've selected my planners. One classic size Happy Planner and one mini Happy Planner. For 2018 I'm using a classic sized Happy Planner and a ringed planner by Jane Davenport (of all that wonderful art supplies fame). 

Let's take a look at the 2018 planners I've been using. 

This is the small Jane Davenport planner with rings. I bought it because I love Jane Davenport art supplies. The planner is ok but just ok. 

The pages are undated and you have to date them yourself which can become tedious. I also am not a big fan of the gray shading on the tops of the date boxes. I do generally like the box format for the weekly layout but after using it for almost a year now I'm ready for a different layout. 

The monthly dividers have cool Jane artwork on them and I love that the calendar is not on the back of the divider, There's a quote on the back of each one which means if I ever want to reuse the dividers for something else it will work perfectly. 

This is the classic Happy Planner I am using in 2018. I love the classic size!  The pink rings are metal and they were not the original ones that came with this style. 

This is one of the dividers. The calendar starts on the back so it can not be reused. Most of the dividers in this version are pretty plain and simple. 

Each month has an opening page like this except colors vary. As you can see its not a page I use a lot but some people simply adore them. 

This is the weekly view (half). It is a vertical version and I like how this layout works in the classic size. The pages are very basic and you add your own washi tape and stickers to create a fun weekly planner page! 

Well, I've shared so much about the 2018 planners that I'll have to post pictures of my 2019 ones in another post. I'll be using a mini and classic Happy Planner in 2019 and I'll share pictures next post. 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Foot Soaks

Here's another simple and soothing item to make using essential oils.

Salt Foot Soak

1 cup of dead sea salt or Epsom salt

2 drops lavender oil
2 drops tea tree oil
2 drops eucalyptus oil 
2 drops chamomile oil 

* I've made it without chamomile and it was still great!

Mix together and store in an airtight container. I bought these little test tubes at Michaels in their "dollar plus" area. 
Simply pour boiling water into your foot pan and allow to cool to a comfortable temperature. Stir in one tablespoon of the foot soak. Immerse your feet and soak for about fifteen minutes. Great for tired feet! 

This is my little planner that I keep the essential oil recipes in. I know I can save them on the computer or on line but I just like having them written down and at my fingertips! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Peppermint Sugar Scrubs

I've started making my own sugar scrubs. They work just as well as store bought ones and are so much cheaper. I also control the ingredients that go into them.

Here they are layered in jars. So cute! Peppermint is a great "wake up" scent for mornings. It energizes you! 

The recipe:

1 cup of granulated sugar (you can use organic)
1/2 cup of coconut oil  (softened but not melted.) 
15 drops of peppermint essential oil

Divide into two bowls. Add red coloring to one bowl (I used soap coloring)
Layer in clear jars. 

They will keep for a couple of months with no problems. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Legends and Lanterns

I know we are moving into November but I wanted to do a quick post about Legends and Lanterns,
This event was the last two weekends of October on Historic Main Street in St Charles.

First grab your passport then as you walk along you will encounter the different characters who will provide you with some entertainment and storytelling before they give you a sticker for your book.

The Big Bad Wolf

Lizzie Borden

And others entertain you along your journey.
The book not only serves as a passport for your stickers but each character has a brief history and its filled with fun fall facts and trivia. 

At times the characters are not at their spots for various reasons and I found this a little frustrating but other than that it was a perfect fall outing. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Scary Movie Sleepover

On October 19th Kelsey (one of my daughters) invited some of us over for a Scary Movie Sleepover. You're never too old for a slumber party!

We ordered pizza and had some popcorn and snacks to keep us from getting too spooked. Well....that didn't exactly work.

First, we started out recreating a picture.

The old

Oct 19, 2018

This took about six or seven tries of people jumping off the bed to reset the camera. 

Then the first movie....

This was spooky and we just kept asking ourselves...why anyone would have this creepy damn doll to begin she's not remotely cute! 

Movie 2

The "original" Annabelle still had us wondering ..."Do people really collect creepy old dolls that look like their possessed?"

And finally another "connected movie" The Conjuring.

Movie 3

I was fun watching the movies and talking about the connections between them. "Clap clap" was a little freaky and after the lights were out some claps echoed through the house.

The next morning we made stones for Kelseys front bed to remember the event. 

Everyone needs to take time in life for some laughs and some frights! Life is too short not to!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fall Into Bella: A Tapas Event

Bella Vino is a venue on historic St Charles Mainstreet. You can dine there as a regular customer or you can attend special events they host. We've attended two tapas tastings and both lived up to our expectations. The one this past Thursday was called Fall Into Bella. This was the menu:

Our first course, Butternut Spiced Apple Bisque was yummy. The only complaint I had was I wished it was a bit warmer but then again I'm not an expert so perhaps bisque is best served less warm than a typical soup. 

I love that the chef visits the table for each course and describes the food and then the wine expert comes around to give a brief history of the wine. 

The entree was Maple Glazed Country Style and they were so tender! The practically melted in my mouth! These were accompanied by sweet potato mash and roasted potatoes. Another plus is that at Bella Vino you get a decent sized serving so even though it is a tasting you definitely feel like you are eating a normal sized meal. 

We finished up the meal with Warm Pear Crostada. It was flaky and flavor, such a great ending to a delicious fall meal. 

Keep an eye out for future Bella Vino events because I am confident that you will enjoy the meal immensely.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Rocks, Roots, and Road Signs

We headed down to Klondike Park for our first hike of 2018. The beautiful weather called us to a little adventure and even though it was a muddy one we still enjoyed the hike. First we hiked up a brutal hill.....well brutal since I'm out of shape and well....older...This took us to a high point that overlooked the river. Then we headed down a more "natural" trail called....

This trail was a took us on a zig zag path through the wood. We walked along the ridge for a bit which offered a beautiful view of the river. There were massive stones nestled in the fallen leaves. There were plenty of rocks and roots along the trail so one did have to be somewhat careful with their footing.

It's always fun to climb on top of a giant bolder and stand among the trees. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

We were amazed that sections of the trail were so muddy. There was a bit of slipping and sliding but we used some tree branches as walking sticks and this helped a little. We even came upon a stream still frozen with huge chunks of ice which reminded us that despite the warm beautiful day its still January.

Of course, as always I'm always looking for fairy dwellings and we came upon several fallen trees and huge rock formations that I am sure serve as dwellings or grand ballrooms for when the fairies dance in the light of the full moon. After we had been discussing fairies for a bit we happened upon this....

A root fairy ring....right in our path. I like to imagine that the fairies heard us chattering and laughing about them and sprinkled some fairy dust upon the path to reveal their fairy ring. Can't you just envision them dancing along the edge of this and sparkling in the moonlight.

This wasn't a state park so I still need to get to work on my 60 Dragon Years list and hike in 60 state parks but it was a lovely day none the less.

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