Thursday, September 21, 2017

Life's Path

Have you ever wondered about life? The path you are walking, the memories that compose you? I've read books, I've written sporadically in journals and on blogs. I've created collages, art journals and gardens. I've traveled, far and near, quite honestly visited countries I never dreamed of seeing. I listen to music, to movies, to podcasts. I have conversations with friends and sometimes strangers. I collect stories. I'm inquisitive, okay some say nosey. I'm creative and imaginative.

Each experience, each little snapshot, big or small creates the tapestry of my life. It's a beautiful tapestry. Oh, there are some threads that I think maybe I'd prefer to tug out, to unravel from this creation of life. We all have threads like that in our life. Ones we wish weren't woven there. They fade in color, not as important or hurtful, but still there.

Who we are, what we dream of, how we spend the hours of our days changes like the seasons of the year. Sometimes we get lost in the mundane. Other times we feel a spiritual awakening. There are times we might struggle to feel at all, numbed by this hectic life. There are moments that build in joy and others that drown in sorrow.

Today I'm going to share five photos that represent me, today, in this space, in this time, in my mind and soul. Just the pictures. No explanation today and then when Monday rolls around (if I don't get sidetracked by life) I'll pop back in and write a little about what they mean to me. In the meantime perhaps you'll figure it out, perhaps the messages will pop into your mind, or perhaps it won't matter to you. And that's ok too. As so often is the case, I write for me but share with you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fire in the Frost

What I'm Reading Tuesday:

Fire in the Frost is book one in a series by Alicia Rades.  I found the ebook free on
It appears to be a YA book by the story line. It's really a very simply written story but a good read none the less.

The story's main character, Crystal is your not so typical high school student. She thinks she pretty typical but nothing could be further from the truth. That's what she finds out in book one when her psychic powers start to surface. At first she thinks she's losing her mind when she sees her dead classmate but she is quickly pulled into the mystery of trying to decode the message that the ghost is sending.

I read the book off and on over one day. There's no complicated plots, or intricate character development but there are some surprises along the way. Overall its a fun read that takes you away from the mundane and let's you enter a world of "what if."

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Mountains in Your Life

There are many times in life we "make it up the mountain" and while we may pause to celebrate we truly never "let go" of the mountain. That tough time we got through, that challenge we overcame, the bad decision we learned from, all of those are examples of climbing mountains. Yet so often we continue to carry that mountain. Lingering doubts, regrets and "if only" still cling to us. Those are heavy to carry and over time wear us down and affect our present day decisions. Once you make it to the top, let go of that struggle. Move forward and never look in the rear view mirror at that mountain. You made it! Celebrate and let time erode the mountain from your life!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Five Things Friday: Invitations

It's Five Things Friday and here are five invitations from me to you....

1. I invite you to read and comment (if you so desire) on my blog and/or Facebook page: Turn the Page. 

Turn the Page Blog

Turn the Page Facebook

I'm about half way finished with The Birthing Tree and I've posted a first chapter of Casting Shadows. It's a tentative project cause I'm not sure yet whether to pursue the storyline or not.

2.  I invite you to contact me via messenger, comment here or by posting on Facebook if you are interested in forming an online writers group where we share and discuss writing.

3. I invite you to join me in Soul Inspiring Things... here.... May Soul Care  You don't have to use my choose your own!  May is already slipping by but I might try a June one if you're interested, jump right in!

4.  I invite you to ask the fire dragons to protect you, to talk to the faeries, to use essential oils for emotional healing, to learn about your chakras, your power stone or spirit animal, create a faith art journal or make SoulCollage cards, anything. This is not meant to be reflective of your spiritual beliefs....but to instead make you seek out those things that connect you to your imagination, your spiritual self, to focus your energy on anything other than the negativity that often invades our lives.

5. I invite you to plan a summer adventure....great or small...Always have something in the works to look forward to, to give you something pleasant to think about when your day is not so pleasant. Find your tribe, be it family or friends or a combination. Look for ways to schedule time in your life with people that uplift you and make you feel more not less.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Procrastination Monday

So I am supposed to be writing...right now...right this very minute...creating Chapter 13 of The Birthing Tree.....but at ten I decided I needed to check Facebook before starting my 1000 words for today! Then I was like...Ginger's Journey....why don't you pop in there and post a little something before you get started on the new here I am procrastinating...

Never fear I am writing until 11:30 so those 1000 words better flow today!  I think they will. This Chapter is about the Evil Minded One and how he roared in frustration when he lost the soul of a child named Ester, who didn't listen to her mother and played the ultimate price. When you venture out into the dark you'd better be prepared for what you meet, because in the dark there is both good and evil but the one that was birthed in the darkness is always more at home in the night.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Recipe Creativity

I wanted to share with you today my creative recipe planner/book that I am creating. It's by MAMBI Create 365 which also makes the Happy Planner.

They had an earlier edition which I believe is red but this is the one I have, I tried to resist it, I really did. I don't "need" it but the saying on the front "hooked" me.

The pages look like this except blank of course. On this one I've added a recipe and stickers.
The thing I like about Happy Planner discs bound items is that you can always add different pages so if you wanted to add seasonal menu plans or other items you have the ability to do so. There are a variety of sections: Family Favorites, Main Dishes, Crockpot etc.

The dividers are super cute!  I'll share a few....

Looking at the pictures makes me HUNGRY.....

I like this one because....nothing I create ever seems very fancy...I am probably the Queen of Pinterest Fails!

The MAMBI recipe book can be picked up at your local Michaels....but whatever you do....Don't forget to use your coupon to get it. These would be awesome to buy if you have small children and fill them in during the years to give as a present when they head off to college or get married.

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