Thursday, November 29, 2007

Journey Through the Year

One more day and it will be December 2007. The closing of a year. The journey through 2007 has been adventurous. I can't say its been all fun and games. There have been sad times and rough times. But such is the journey through life. But what I've learned on my journey is that you must focus and hold on to the good memories, the thoughts that inspire and uplift you. The tiny glimpses into life that are meaningful, joyous, and reflect on the true nature of the human spirit. A nature bothe complex and yet simple. For in holding onto the "bad" you taint the present and the future. No good is served by dwelling on things past that can not be changed and rarely reflect what we truly desire to be true. So erase them from your memories. Oh acknowledge that they happened but soar above them, always seeking the best, the most delightful thoughts, cherish those and hold them close. For dreams are meant to nourish you when nothing else can.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Journey to Grandmother

The journey to grandmother is one that sort of just "happened". It wasn't like I looked at my life and decided I was "ready" to be a grandmother. In fact, in many ways I wasn't ready at all. It seemed like only yesterday when I was the mother of young children, with a whole lot of energy, and always promises of tomorrow. Well tomorrow is this very moment, so it's time to really enjoy each and every day. To focus on the positive, to cherish the here and now, to do what I want rather than what someone expects or dictates. Not that I was ever one to let one dictate to me...but you know what I mean...trying to live up to the expectations of others, of society, of the "shoulds". There's no such thing as "perfect" but thats the best part of being a's not about's just about being there!

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