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The Mephisto Club Book Review

As part of my Triple 8 Reading Challenge I will be writing some book reviews throughout the year. Hopefully it will inspire me to continue on the JOURNEY I have started and not take off on a deadend detour. Don't worry, I won't be writing reviews for all of the 64 books I'll be reading during the year. Just those that inspire, touch a nerve, or create some response within me. So without further ado....I give you....

The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerrissen.

The novel by New York Times bestselling author, Tess Gerritsen starts out with a bang. This one, unlike earlier medical thrillers, starts out with a serial killer, satanic symbols, and a medical examiner in love with a priest. One of my main delights with the book are the characters of Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. featured in earlier books, the duo offset each other with that curious blend of serious and jovial. Rizzoli, as a detective is both mundane and fasinating. Her role is one recognized in thrillers and mysteries alike…

I've Found It!!!

I have been searching high and low for a good idea for a cover for the Celebrate Me 2008 art journal and I think I have found it!!! It's a lovely creation I found while taking a JOURNEY through other people's blogs. This is a creation made up of favorite jewelry of Kelly's over at Kelly's Art Journal
I'm not sure I have enough jewelry to create the cover design but I am thinking there are other small mementos from trips etc that might also work. Be sure and check out Kelly's blog, she has up lots of lovely ideas!!!

Book Marks

To go along with my Reading Journey....I am thinking I best get on an Organized Journey as well....Lots of books to read, which means I will most likely be reading more than one at a time. Usually I can manage a Creativity & Spirit book along with a Novel and Non fiction book at the same time. Sometimes more than one novel at a time gets a bit confusing. To help me get a bit more organized I am thinking about making 8 different book marks (one for each of my categories). I love reading other blogs and am constantly inspired by the wonderful creative things people come up with. The book marks featured here are from a blog called Uncommon Artistic Endeavors . Vicki has lots of great ideas featured there and if you are looking for any great recipes I just noticed she has posted several, along with pictures.

Triple 8 Book Challenge

I'm off on another Journey....this time it's a READING JOURNEY...I am going to try the Triple 8 Reading's the link to a blog with more information about the challenge but here's how it works. The challenge is to read 8 books in 8 self selected categories in 2008. You can change the categories and titles along the way if you need to. So here are my 8 categories...I'll come back later and update with the actual titles:

Category One: Creativity and Spirit

Category Two: Favorite Authors

Category Three: New Authors

Catogory Four: Mysteries/Thrillers

Category Five: Eight from 2008

Category Six: Read it Again/Old Favorites

Category Seven: Holiday Themed Novels

Category Eight: Non Fiction

I love to read...but need to broaden my horizons. I especially love the journeys I take when reading a James Patterson novel.

Journey Through 2008

Celebrate Me 2008 is an art journal that I will be creating through 2008. It will help me discover new things about ME....and to have some fun along the way. It is a JOURNEY of self discovery. There are no deadlines, no stress, just a create as you go project...and I am having fun with it. I started out with page one featuring my Word 2008 which is Simplify.