Sunday, January 20, 2008

Book Marks

To go along with my Reading Journey....I am thinking I best get on an Organized Journey as well....Lots of books to read, which means I will most likely be reading more than one at a time. Usually I can manage a Creativity & Spirit book along with a Novel and Non fiction book at the same time. Sometimes more than one novel at a time gets a bit confusing. To help me get a bit more organized I am thinking about making 8 different book marks (one for each of my categories). I love reading other blogs and am constantly inspired by the wonderful creative things people come up with. The book marks featured here are from a blog called Uncommon Artistic Endeavors . Vicki has lots of great ideas featured there and if you are looking for any great recipes I just noticed she has posted several, along with pictures.

1 comment:

raidergirl3 said...

A bookmark for each category? What a great idea! If I could stop reading and blog hopping long enough, I might try that too.

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