Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Triple 8 Book Challenge

I'm off on another Journey....this time it's a READING JOURNEY...I am going to try the Triple 8 Reading Challenge...here's the link to a blog with more information about the challenge http://triple8challenge.blogspot.com/ but here's how it works. The challenge is to read 8 books in 8 self selected categories in 2008. You can change the categories and titles along the way if you need to. So here are my 8 categories...I'll come back later and update with the actual titles:

Category One: Creativity and Spirit

Category Two: Favorite Authors

Category Three: New Authors

Catogory Four: Mysteries/Thrillers

Category Five: Eight from 2008

Category Six: Read it Again/Old Favorites

Category Seven: Holiday Themed Novels

Category Eight: Non Fiction

I love to read...but need to broaden my horizons. I especially love the journeys I take when reading a James Patterson novel.

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raidergirl3 said...

I'm from the 888 blog. I couldn't find your email on your profile, so I couldn't mail your invite. If you put in the comment that you don't' want your address posted, I can arrange that.

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