Friday, February 22, 2008

Flea Market Journey

Well, tomorrow we are off to the flea market. Yes the roads are covered in snow, with patches of ice but our neighbor is biting at the bit to get to a flea market. He and my dear husband love to go to the local flea markets. The big outdoor one is obviously not started yet but we are going to a smaller inside one tomorrow. I'm not sure why they love flea markets so much as they hardly ever buy anything. I suppose I'll tag along but generally I refuse to flea market before March 1st.
For those of you that have read the front page of Magical Holiday Home recently, you'll know I have up an piece about being frugal, cutting back, repurposing things etc. The flea market is one way I help curb my "decorating" habit. It's so easy to find cute pieces to use at just a fraction of the cost. But even with flea markets you have to be careful or you will go over your budget or end up with stuff that just ends up as clutter. I am working toward limiting myself to things I LOVE...and it doesn't have to be a life time love affair even though some are. If the price is low one can afford to buy something for use for only a short time, a season or two. Then giving it away or throwing it away isn't all that painful.
My house is full of "stuff" and as I continue the decluttering journey, when I bring something in to the house something has to leave the house...and no letting the dog out doesn't count!!! I'll try to post tomorrow and let you know if I found any treasures....might not cause it is early in the game....but the fun is in the hunt. So check back and I'll give you a brief update!


MrsSoup said...

Now I want to go to the flea markets. We have so many around here, antique shops and such. Have fun!

SmilingSandra said...

I am at the same place as you Ginger. I only want things I truly love. I've given away lots of Christmas decorations for that reason. I get a lot given to me from students and most come from the dollar store. If I don't really enjoy them then someone less fortunate sure could.

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