Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Seeing A Difference

Well I am seeing a difference in several areas in my life and it's pretty exciting.

  • First of all....going on what is it now three weeks? without soda...I've lost track! The cravings for it are less. I must say I have not done quite as good as NO sugar but I have cut way back and my energy level seems to be much better
  • Although I have stayed up too late a couple nights I have been getting to bed earlier and this has helped bunches.
  • Drinking more water for sure not sure if it has an effect. LOL... Other than going to the bathroom more!
  • Following routines better. I can't say I have been following my mornings and evenings routines perfectly but I have been getting some things done and it is making a difference. It's easier to do things around the house when things are caught up.
  • Decluttering more...which is making a difference slowly but surely and I just feel more "in control" of life.

So those are the things...simple, little, but still starting to have an impact. Hopefully off to a great week...hope you all are on journeys toward feeling better, both physically and emotionally! More later!!


MrsSoup said...

WTG Ginger, that's great! I, too, am seeing a difference in the changes i've made. My body is getting stronger and I have more energy. And don't worry, once your body gets totally used to more water intake, you'll stop going to the bathroom so much. LOL

SmilingSandra said...

Hurray! Good for you for kicking the soda habit =) I know what you mean about drinking more water....I think I've worn a path to the bathroom LOL.

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