Monday, February 11, 2008

Journey Back To Work

Today back to work after being off two weeks. Work is both a joy and a pain. Being at work doesn't bother me. I basically like what I do and get some sense of identity from it. No the pain of work comes from the fact that TIME becomes a huge issue. Never enough time to do all the things I want/need to do.

Here's another little thought to ponder: " I've learned that to accomplish much is to accomplish a little each day."

And so it is in my life...a little each it housework, my Triple 8 challenge, daily writing or whatever.

So those of you that struggle with the daily writing challenge...remember a sentence or two counts!!! Even a word that describes your day!!! It will get us all thinking if we see just a highlighted word for the day and we will want to know the mystery surrounding that word.


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