Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Journey to Old Age

Yes it's something that I try to avoid thinking about. But with each passing day, we all grow a day older. Today as I was pondering what to write about here on Ginger's Journey, I opened up Live and Learn and Pass It On Volume II

This little book by H. Jackson Brown Jr is a gem. As I flipped through the pages I decided I would write about the first one that resonated with me. And here it is:

"I've learned that old age is not a defeat but a victory, not a punishment but a pivilege." page 15

So it is, so it is. A few years ago a young male teacher in our building was talking with me in the hallway. It was his first year in our building and somehow the year of highschool graduation came up. When I said I graduated in 1976. He asked me if it bothered me that I had graduated from high school before he was born. I told him that it didn't bother me because you either have to grow old or die young. Since I was still enjoying life I thought I'd stick around for a while if God allowed. By the way, his wife just had their first child last month, and I still rib him about "making me feel old"! It's always a good laugh at staff gatherings.

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