Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Journey Toward Healthier Eating

Okay last night I posted the word Exhausted....with explanation to following this evening. I have been really tired of late and so have wanted to re evaluate several things in life to hopefully bring back some energy. First of all I know my sleep schedule is off track. Second I am eating way too much sugar....about three years ago when I completely eliminated sugar I could not believe the difference in energy level. Third I just need to eat healthier food in general.
So today's entry is my pledge to healthier eating habits. I am on day three of the journey of eliminating soda. This is day three with no So here are my journey goals for healthier eating.
  • Sleep: Get into a regular schedule.
  • Sugar: Eliminate as much as possible.
  • Soda: none
  • Healthier foods: more fresh fruit and vegs,
  • Water: 8 a day!


tricia said...

I wish you luck. We need more fruits and vegetables around here too.I drink way tooo many dr.pepper maybe reading your updates wlll encourage me to cut back at least.

MrsSoup said...

You can do it Ginger! I'm in a similar struggle myself but it's so rewarding when you make it through a week and then the next and so on. It takes 21 days to make a habit, you're on your way!!

SmilingSandra said...

Ginger, you know I am on this journey too. I love my Dr. Pepper! I am looking toward a new healthier me for 2008 too. Change. Change into a healthier, happier and thinner me!

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