Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On the SIMPLIFY Journey

This has been a crazy and hectic week already. As some of you may know I am on a SIMPLIFY journey this year. I made the decision right after Chrismtas that I would be quitting my second job. Finanically this may not be the best time to simplify this part of my life but for me it is necessary. The stress, worry, and extra work load is making me unhappy. I have set a goal of the end of June for this. Three reasons the long time it gives me time to finish up with the clients I have and not add new ones, two it allows me to try to work my budget to adjust to the difference, and three that is only two months before my raise for the 2008-2009 school year kicks in (which will make up for some of the difference in income).
It will seem VERY strange to come straight home after school....for 8 years I have worked an extra job anywhere from two-four nights a week. And for the 3 before that I was working on a Masters degree with classes one night and papers and homework the others. I'm not sure I remember how to have my evenings free. Needless to say I am looking forward to it. This is a very real SIMPLIFY for me that has impact on several aspects on my life. But with hubby only drawing 80% of his pay during his recovery I have discovered that THERE are ways to simplify and still have everything we really NEED and a lot of what we WANT. I am also trying to pay down some debt over the next few months and take some other steps to get back on the track of financial freedom. I KNOW I can do it...!


tricia said...

Good luck you can do it. Good job on giving yourself time to figure out how to do it. Hope your husband is progressing well.

SmilingSandra said...

Good luck =) It's funny because today on Oprah they had a similar topic. I think many people these days are trying to simplify their lives.

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