Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reflections on a Journey

Have you every thought about how much time it takes to "get ready" to go on a journey? The list making, the packing, the maps, the reservations etc? Seems like it's almost more effort than it's worth. But the journeys in our lives can be just as complicated. In fact sometimes I take more time thinking about a journey (bill paying journeys, writing a paper journey, clean the house journey) than just taking off. You know where you just jump in the car and start driving...see where you end up.
I remember one spring when I was about 14 and hanging out with friends...we decided to take a road trip over to see the river which was flooding. It was about an hours drive. We just hopped in the car and took off. Yes, I had some older friends who could drive and nope didn't ask my parent's permission. Back in "the day" , living in the middle of nowhere, you could do such things without fear of turning up a missing person.
We drove with the windows down, not overly fast...we were RESPONSIBLE back then! The warm fresh spring air blowing in the windows, listening to the radio, and talking with friends (both male and female) I remember distinctly that feeling of wild freedom. As if the world was ours for the taking. As if no matter what the wonderful feeling of freedom would last forever and the days lay before us like a golden path. I wonder if young people feel that now days or if the crazy fast pace of the world has robbed them of that rush!
Well anyway I transgress....journeys.....take as many as you can...the real ones (trips) and the other kinds (adventures). Live life and enjoy!

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MrsSoup said...

Ginger, you just brought back so many memories for me. I lived out in the country and there was nothing to do but hop on our bikes and explore the world. I wish life were that simple now.

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