Thursday, February 7, 2008

Triple 8 Update

Currently I'm reading a novel by Lee Child called Trouble and Bad Luck.

What I really need are some suggestions for new books....I like mysteries. I also need a few books with a holiday theme....I want to read The Trick or Treat Murders but I haven't bought it yet. I was hoping the library would have it but no luck!

So if you have any suggestions for new books to try, mysteries, holiday novels, or even inspirational ones....please post a comment with title and author so I can get going....Time's a ticking and its February already. I've only read 31/3 books this year so far!!!


MrsSoup said...

Oh gosh Ginger, asking for book recommendations? I have loads. HAHA Valentine's Murder by Leslie Meier is good so far, i'm reading it right now. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen is an awesome book as well. Anything by Janet Evanovich and Joan Hess is hilarious as well as a mystery. Joanne Fluke does food murders and has a whole series, holidays included. I'm also always looking for books to add to my ever growing list. Enjoy!

Ginger said...

Thanks Mrs Soup.....I'll get on our library's page later today and browse around....see if i can find any of these...The Joanne Fluke sounds good....I have a couple autors who write the food related ones...and I enjoy reads...but don't think I've read any of her's

SmilingSandra said...

Where do I start? I am a HUGE reader! The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is my newest favorite. I just started a series by Laura Levine with a character called Jaine Austen. The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Lastly, a christmasy book...On Strike For Christmas by Sheila Roberts. Had me in stitches! Oh! and I have to mention anything by Diane Mott Davidson as well. Those are culinary murder mysteries.

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