Monday, February 4, 2008

Write Daily Update

We have several bloggers that are participating in the write daily challenge. How exciting to know there are others than enjoy the writing journey as much as I do. Someone once said that "writing is the path to the inner soul". What a wonderful journey along that path! I have made several entries on blogs today and then suddenly realized how difficult it is going to be to keep track of my goal with so many spots to write. The problem of a true blog addict! So I have decided to revise my approach a bit, but feel free to set yours up however you deem fit. For me, I have decided to limit my Write Daily to my personal blogs. Here's the reason, my personal blogs are....well....more personal! They are truly my voice. Not that my other writing isn't but the personal blogs tend to be more reflective in nature and therefore fit the challenge better, at least in my mind. So my daily writings will appear on one of the following blogs.

I will post updates on progress here at Ginger's Journey....feel free to add comments to let me know your progress and I will hop over to your blogs as much as possible to get some inspiration to keep me going!

Start Date for My Write Daily Challenge is February 1st.

Goal=4/4 days so far.

Don't forget to post your start date on your blog or in a comment here...and at least once a week post an update....

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