Friday, March 21, 2008

Clothing Journey

Well,today as always, flew by. I did manage to create two pages in my art journal...I decided to chalk the pages and to use a variety of Easter colors...the plan was to sort of make the page look like an Easter egg....I think I managed it...I'll have to post the pics later...I did take pics (of course) but do not have them downloaded yet.

I also spent some time working in my bedroom, decluttering and trying to deal with clothes. I am still not to the Clothing Capsule project yet but I am planning to start it with Spring and then Summer. The clothing project is another journey I am on to make my life easier!!! It works sort of like this....remember I am just starting out.
  • Create seasonal wardrobes in four different categories: At Home, Casual, Work, Church/Nice Event
  • The goal is to create an outfit not randon pieces...I know, I know the old adage about mix and match but it simply NEVER works for me. I just end up with a bunch of random pieces and one half of any outfit is always in the laundry!
  • At Home: The goal is 8...remember these are for around the house only and as such may be a bit mismatched. This is not my top I have more of these than anything else.
  • Casual: The goal is 8...primary colors are khaki, black, and red but any color can be included! For Spring these will be mostly capris. Right now my closet is sort of sparse in this area.
  • Work: The goal is 8....khaki and black for bottoms, any colors for tops. For spring these will be a mixture of capris and light weight slacks. Again sparse closet.
  • Church/Nice Event: The goal is 2.....honestly most of my work and/or casual clothes work for our church but always good to have a nice outfit in reserve.

Now while I say the goal is 8 in three of the categories...I DO NOT have unlimited funds to buy clothing...LOL. So as I sort and go through clothes I hope to be able to put together at least half of what I want from clothing I already own. Or perhaps buy a top to go with a certain pair of slacks to even things out. Then for Spring I will focus on rounding out my Work category only this go round. In the Summer, I will do the same thing but focus on rounding out my Casual category...since I'm off part of the summer.

As you can see this will take some work, some balancing and some time to get the categories all as I would like....then when I get a new outfit for say...Summer...out goes one of the 8 I have been using. REMEMBER my word for 2008.....SIMPLIFY!!

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