Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Kelsey's experience (and mine) with the dorm room reminds me of detours in life. I am a firm believer that when one door is shut or one path is blocked....another one opens up...sometimes a detour for something better and sometimes just as a "life lesson". I mean really EVERYTHING that happens in life can't have a purpose...but lots of things do. Trouble is we are usually too frustrated and upset to even consider that possibility. It is not in the middle of a crisis that one is able to reach that conclusion or see that particular aspect of the situation. It is only later...sometimes MUCH later before we realize either the lesson to be learned or the new direction that we embarked on as a result of being denied that which we seek.
I am simply exhausted from the frustration, lack of sleep, and anxiety over the whole room search. Perhaps silly but true. I could not concentrate today for being so consumed with the whole problem. And honestly if it was just ME...I could have handled it, settled for a less desirable outcome etc...BUT when it is someone I love and care about I want them to have what they want!! I think that is pretty typical of a parent.

Brings to mind a poster at school in the math hallway. "The problem when solved will be simple." Isn't that so true...when something is solved it is SIMPLE...

For those of you that are keeping track....I am on track with my Write Daily Challenge...I have only missed one day....I do not always post at Ginger's Journey but I have posted daily!!! Take care and have a great week!!!

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