Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!

It's the day before Easter. I hope you are almost at the end of your journey to get ready for this wonderful spring holiday. Too bad it is so early this year as it just does not feel much like spring! I have a busy full day ahead as we are hosting Easter dinner at our home. So as soon as I finish a little blogging I'm off to the grocery store. We have decided to do a very non traditional....for us....dinner. We are having a deli tray prepared with meats and cheeses. I will provide the bread (wheat and white) as well as drinks. Then I am preparing a side dish and a dessert. Others are bringing the rest of the meal. Dale's mom is making her famous potato salad. We just were not in the mood for a traditional ham and others must be feeling the same because I see Cathy over at The Holiday Hamlet and Dinner at the Hamlet is having barbeque. Sounds yummy!

So I hope you all have a wonderful, enjoyable Saturday and I will try to check in later!!!

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