Thursday, March 20, 2008

Journey with Art Journals

For those of you that may not know...I will be holding a FREE class at Magical Creative Spirit.....starting April 14th. It is a class about creating a Garden Art Journal. Art journals are NOT scrapbooks and they may or may not contain photographs. I have just started "playing around" with art journals and started out with a class at Christmas called Journal My Christmas. Then I started the Celebrate Me 2008 one. The Christmas one I will pick up on again closer to the holidays but I will work on Celebrate Me all year, off and has no real "theme" other than me and what I like and want to create.

The Garden Art Journal can be about your actual garden (vegetable or flowers), flowers or nature in general, and it even has a bit of self exploration and awareness built in. So if you'd care to join us or to follow along do not feel tied to the Garden theme.....the prompts can be adapted lots of ways. It will run for 12 weeks and there will be three different prompts or challenges per week for a total of 36 journal pages. Some of the prompts ask you to try a new technique or medium and some ask you to journal memories. You can see a slide show of some of the Celebrate Me pages over at either The Creative Spirit or Magical Creative Spirit. More details are posted at MCS if you are interested in the class.

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