Friday, March 14, 2008

Journey Along Life's Path

Okay it's time to get serious here at Ginger's Journey and talk a bit about spring, life, and well, just about anything else on my mind. Here's a little challenge for you serious bloggers out there...St. Patrick's Day is Monday....find and post FIVE...yes count them FIVE things about St. Patrick's Day....leprechauns....or Ireland.

I'll pop back in sometime this weekend and post my five things....ummm try to check the other bloggers in our Writer's Challenge and DO NOT duplicate the five to get a jump on it before all the good...and easy...LOL.... ones are taken!!!

Now on to spring and life in general...I am looking forward to some warmer weather. I have two favorite months of the year....JUNE and OCTOBER..... and this year I am bound and determined to FULLY enjoy both of them. I have my reading list just waiting for a spare moment or two. I am currently reading Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child.....trouble is I have been reading it for a while which is not like me AT ALL...usually finish a book in a day or two but my concentration just hasn't been good lately...too many LIFE things on my mind right now! Speaking of my READING list it is getting full as I add more items to my list...I am thinking about posting it in my side bar here. I'll have to play around with it and see if it will even fit there!

I used to laugh when my mom or my mother in law would say is all they wanted was a little peace and quiet....but now I know exactly what they meant. Seems like someone is always depending on me for something! I am continuing my Word for 2008...SIMPLIFY....and am trying to make it part of my spiritual and emotional journey also. Letting go of past hurts, letting others make their own mistakes, and not always stepping in to teach and rescue people is a hard thing...especially when you KNOW they are gonna fall flat on their face.

Anyway off to update some of the other blogs...but start looking for those St Patrick's Day/leprechaun/Ireland things to post!!! Go ahead...let's make it a race and see who gets them up first!!!


MrsSoup said...

I posted my 5 things, i'm the first! WOOHOO! LOL It was quite fun and interesting though.

Love to decorate said...

Count me in. I am off to find my five things. This is a fun idea

coffeenut :)

tricia said...

I posted 5 things also. Thanks for the challenge.

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