Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Journey into Frustration

So I didn't get to blog much last night...and I'm up early this morning after a restless night. Why you may ask?? Well, this year the University of Missouri Columbia has implemented a new online registration program for obtaining a dorm room. Since Kelsey is off to college in the fall. We spent all last night trying to register for a room to no avail. Numerous no rooms available messages and different combinations produced NOTHING. So this morning at 8:00 am when the Residential Office opens I'm on the phone to figure out exactly what is available and how to get it. Update tonight...stay tuned!

Around 2:45 this afternoon a room became available and Kelsey was able to actually register and get the room. It is NOT her first pick as it is in the one dorm that is located away from ALL the others! But she was able to get a single room suite style which means she has a little privacy and shares a bathroom with just two other people. The room next to it is open so we keep hoping her friend gets in gear and is able to get it while it is still available but if not I suppose they will get through it. More later...thanks for listening to my mini ...well okay MAJOR vent today!!!

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MrsSoup said...

I'm glad she at least got a room and hopefully her friend can get the other one! Keeping my fingers crossed.

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