Friday, March 21, 2008

Journey Into the Unknown

Well with all this art journal talk I am really getting anxious to try my hand at a page or two today...yes...while the house falls down around my feet and Easter dinner is two days away!!! Yikes. So I am setting a goal to get some cleaning done and then allowing myself one hour at the crop desk...oh yes to be a "real" artist I should call that little spot "the studio". So let's say two or three hours of work = one hour of creative time....hmmm...will see how that goes. Usually when I get creative the minutes fly by, be it writing or creating something, time evaporates and before I know it I can eat up a whole lot of time!!

I have been enjoying a whole different approach to art journals over at The Creative Art Journal and I am not sure I am daring enough to try anything so BOLD...but's my art journal so of course I can do what I want! Well, off to work and maybe just maybe find a bit of time for something else!! See ya later!!!

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