Sunday, March 23, 2008

Journey Into the Week Ahead

Sunday evening means looking ahead to the work week. I always try to spend a bit on time Sunday evenings thinking about the week ahead not just to do lists and appointments but just a bit of time to collect my thoughts and remind myself of the priorities in my life. What are the hopes and dreams for each clean new day? How can I enjoy the days rather than dread them etc.

This week I will focus on two things. One at work and one at home. First and foremost at work, I want to get out and about more. Walk around the building checking with everyone etc. I have tried doing that before but no matter my intentions something always crops up and destroys my plans. This week it will be my priority. At home, I will focus on maintaining the house because Saturday we are hosting Game Night. It is turning into a bigger event than I planned as people sort of keep inviting themselves...LOL...they just don't want to miss out!

Well I have some things to do before bedtime so I'll be back later to give you more updates.

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Eileen said...

Hope your easter went well, Have a great week~

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