Saturday, March 1, 2008

Journey to Spring

March First is HERE!!!! I am so ready for the Journey to Spring. The weather we have been having is so strange...warm and then freezing. I need to start making my Spring hopes, plans, and dreams list....all those things I would like to do, both practical chore related and also fun things too!

My youngest daughter graduates May 18th so we will of course be having a graduation party sometime around that weekend. This is an exciting Spring for us! I plan on FINALLY getting my bedroom redone...for those of you that remember that was on my list at OC last year but just didn't get accomplished for several reasons. I also am continuing on my DECLUTTERING JOURNEY....which is a long one...sometimes I think there will be no end to it, I get discouraged, but I have been seeing some results. There is just a lot to do and some involves making decisions about stuff (some emotionally based and some not).

The best thing about Spring is my energy level always seems to increase with the warmer weather. The bad part is that then I get lured outside and even though I may be working in the yard (so I am accomplishing something) things inside sometimes get a bit yacky!!! Well off to get Saturday chores done....more later...HAPPY MARCH.

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