Monday, March 3, 2008

Journey with Mother Nature

Okay Mother Nature is probably playing a trick on me this evening. The weather forecast here has been calling for a BIG winter of course everyone is predicting a "snow day" I sort of took the evening "off" figuring I can catch up tomorrow with an unexpected day off!! LOL....never trust Mother far nothing is falling from the sky and they keep pushing the "starting time" back.

It was suppose to start at rush hour and my daughter's evening classes were canceled in anticipation of such...nothing! Then it said 8:30 or 9:00....ummmm so far...nothing. Now one channel is saying 10:00ish and the other is saying the major "stuff" will start tomorrow with snowfall ALL day....Well let's just say...I'm not staying up too late because here in just never know! Might get up to bare ground and a clear sky! Also I think it is one of those weird looping storms that curves here and there with some areas getting a ton and some NONE!

It's not that I really want to add another day at the end of the year...but about people getting one's hopes up...and now I really need to get up early to get things done that I ignored! I'm FAR WORSE than the kids!! LOL

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