Looking Ahead to Our Week

This week is going to be fun and even though once again my evenings are jam packed, I know that in the very near future my evenings will once again be ALL mine. I will be spending time playing with dear Evan tomorrow night as the weekend involved lots of chores and paperwork so not much time to spend playing! But hopefully I can pop on a bit and post!

  • This week my focus here on Ginger's Journey is going to be quotations that inspire and uplift. So I will be sharing some wonderful quotations with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  • Next I want to update my Reading List and give up a bit of a review of one of my recent books.
  • Last I want to get up a picture or two that you might enjoy!

Well, that's our week ahead...maybe you bloggers would like to join me in quotations, books, and pictures....if not I'm sure I will enjoy reading whatever you get up this week. Happy March and spring will be here SOON!!!


MrsSoup said…
Ginger, you read my mind with the quotations. I finished Chicken Soup for the Military Wives Soul and each story has a little quote before it and they are all wonderful! I was planning to incorporate some of them this week. LOL Great minds think alike.

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