Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday's Thoughts

Okay I am hoping that the lack of comments to the Little Man in the Attic...is because everyone is busy and not reading my blog rather than you think I am totally insane!! LOL...it is a story but true none the less. And while I am not sure what all the odd goings on meant I enjoy sharing the history of the farm and those events with you in the hopes that in the process I can make sense of them myself!!! I can assure you I am perfectly sane....well maybe not perfectly...but sane for sure!

This week is scholarship application week for Kelsey and she still has a few things to tie up before turning them in on Thursday so tomorrow night I may only get a quick check here on Ginger's Journey. So much for Senior year being exciting and fun...more like nerve racking! Then Thursday evening she is having 6 or so friends over for movies and a sleepover...no school for her on Friday. So hubby and I are off to visit our other daughter that evening so the girls can have the run of the house....now that's scary while the farm stories are just interesting...LOL.

I've been thinking about my SIMPLIFY journey and what it will feel like to quit my part time job...tomorrow I have two appointments so I won't get home until 6:30ish. Then supper, help Kelsey finish scholarship stuff and bed...yikes you see what I mean? After June, I will have my evenings at least semi to myself!!! It is something I know I am ready for....no regrets...my time and peace of mind are just as valuable as a paycheck!

Well....I'll wait a while before sharing any more farm stories...don't want to scare anyone off!!! Have a GREAT week and happy BLOGGING!!!


Love to decorate said...

I did read your story on the man and thought it was interesting. I would love to hear more. I didn't post because I have been looking for brunch ideas.

MrsSoup said...

I would also love to hear more about the man in the attic. I love a good ghost story. I just didn't have time to respond yesterday. LOL

Chandra said...

I don't know you but found you through someone else's blog, and I don't think you're weird. When I was a kid, there was a man in a red checkered flannel shirt that used to watch me sleep at night, and I was never scared of him, but I just knew he was there. Sometimes I would wake up and look for him and when I saw he was there I would say hello and he would smile and I wasn't scared anymore and went back to sleep. It wasn't until I was an adult that I even thought about it being weird, but I suppose it was. I also know I didn't imagine it!

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