Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bloggin Mania

Well I made it my goal tonight to get some new content up on my blogs. Ginger's Journey and Month by Month are my faves....but I can't spend all my time here! LOL. I updated my Rudolph Day blog and my Great Pumpkin Day blog, and I hope to get to Ginger's Home Journal and Magical Creative Spirit....later tonight...maybe.

I want to remind you that on April 14th we are starting the FREE Garden Art Journal class over at Magical Creative Spirit. This should be a fun project even if you do not plant a garden or flowers. You can use your journal to create a visual garden.
Anyone is welcome to join in the class but we will discuss it at a class forum over at the Holiday Magic boards. To be able to post you will need to join but the forum is open for guests to read.

I am having a lot of fun reading blogs. There are so many good ones. In fact there are so many that sometimes I forget about checking one or two. I need to update my blog links here at Ginger's Journey and include some new ones I've discovered.

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