Monday, April 14, 2008

Changes and Choices

So I decided to change my header back to the beloved waterfall. The fairy was cool......but since I have a fairy blog I decided to switch back to this one. I love the whole rainforest/waterfall/steps....sort of like a jorney into a beautiful setting...That's what life is for me...changes and choices...each affecting the other...some in strong ways and some in subtle ways...but interconnected just the same.

I'm feeling a little calmer and upbeat now that the taxes are in the mail. This week I have two nights with evening appointments....Tues & even though I am still working I hope the ebb and flow starts to reduce down to two evenings. I can already tell a difference..just knowing that things will be less hectic!

Sorry....I'm not sharing some more interesting material with you right now but hey.....inspiration comes and goes...I can never be sure when the mood will strike for me to tell you some more stories about the haunted farm and other things. My niece Christy visited and now she is planning to research the ownership of the farm as far back as she can to see exactly who owned it prior to my grandfather's purchase and if there is any relevant history. I can't wait to hear. If it is significant I will share it with you here.

As the week unfolds keep in mind two things:

1. Changes are the birth of creativity. Without change we become stunted like a plant without adequate water or hidden from the sunshine. Changes allow us to see ourselves be imagine "what if..." and then to move forward with that idea!

2. Choices are about free will...but somewhere inside us....we know the answer to almost any choice we need to make. The trouble is we do not often become still enough or focused enough to hear the small voice inside us...guiding us in the choices we make. And sometimes even when we do hear....we ignore, we rationalize, we avoid, we procrastinate, and miss the opportunity to make the best choice possible...

So more...later in the week....and who knows maybe creativity will strike and I can share with you one of the many stories I have left to tell....of the little woman, of the fairies, of the music box that played by itself. Oh don't worry there are many....the opening door, the dog and the livingroom, the hounds from hell (this is Christy's name for them....I just called them jackels), the devil moss, .....I could go on and on....but alas...sleep beckons.

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