Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do You Believe?

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? Or do you believe that life is helter skelter...with little sense of direction. Floating along on the winds of time. Do you think there is meaning in life? I do...although I can not begin to phantom what all the things that happen mean or how they direct us on life's course.

Do you believe that there are more unknown things in this world than known? Or do you believe that the vast amount of scientific knowledge says it all? Do you accept the unknown? Ignore the unknown? Or seek to discover and understand it "all"?

Do you believe that each day is a celebration of life? Or do you believe that each day just is? Do you think life is a treasure worth celebrating or something that just slips by?

Do you believe in angels? I do. Do you believe in evil? Yes it exists but I can't begin to define it nor do I want to look at it too deeply. Do you believe in psychic abilities/events?....I do... I have lived them but again if other explanations can be offered....I will consider them...I am open minded.

Do you believe that you make a difference? The simple existence of you this this world. Do you think it matters? I do but beyond that it is hard to find the words to explain WHY I feel that way.

Do you believe that the connectedness of all life is powerful? That it is important to the earth and to our survivial as a spieces? I do. Or do you believe in chaos theory?

There are many more questions but I promised to get a good nights sleep off to bed for me!

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Jessica said...

Great questions Ginger and i'm dying to answer them. LOL But there's not enough room in the comment section so maybe i'll answer some of them on my blog later today. I love questions that actually make you think.

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