Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fairy Day

Okay for whatever reason I can not at this time access which is suppose to be a good source about fairy day...but I did manage after searching the web to find the quote below which is supposedly info from the site. As you may know....I love fairies and so I am very much intrigued by I will continue to search for more info and may be able to get into the site later.

Whatever your favorite theory, Fairy Day is a time for all of us, fairy kissed or no, to honor and delight in the fanciful, the mystical, the ethereal in our lives. Throughout man�??s history, Midsummers Day has been known as a time to revel in the magic of nature. It is one of the few “in between” times, when the veil is drawn thinnest and crossing between the worlds is at it�??s easiest. This day, the longest of the year is known for odd things happening to unwitting mortals, victims of the fairies playful games. It is at this time that fairies may be seen, dancing round rings, or that mortals with the desire and a pure heart may meet a fae out walking in the woods.
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Eileen said...

Hi there, It seems like its been ages since ive visited your blog. How have you been doing? Have a great week~

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