I've Been Tagged

Okay I've been tagged by Eileen over at Spring Blossum to tell Seven Random things about myself...ummm then I think I have to tag some others...so here goes:

1. I love tacos
2. My favorite vacation spot is the beach!
3. I love novels....murder mysteries and serial killers!!!
4. I am planning to retire in 6 years...not that I'm counting or anything!
5. I love to journal....surprise, surprise!!!
6. My grandmother lived pass 100
7. I love to host game nights & other events for my friends.

1. Marge
2. Smiling Sandra
3. Tricia
4. Jackfrosty
5. Carrie
6. CC
7. Whimsical Mom


Eileen said…
How fun! Dito on the whole beach thing lol. Have a great day!

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