Thursday, April 3, 2008

Join Us in Developing a Blog Network

Some of us from Magical Holiday Home are creating a blog network. We are doing this by creating blogs for (right at this time) Rudolph Day and Great Pumpkin Day. These blogs have different names but all have the purpose of sharing ideas for Christmas and Halloween prep....including fall parties like the ones Cathy and I hosted last year...we both called them a Boo Bash and I think I will retain that name again this year...not sure about Cathy! We are creating a network by making individual blogs and then linking to all the others.

Here's my Rudolph Day one. And Marge has set up one called Christmas Traditions. Please feel free to set up a Rudolph Day/Christmas one and let me know and we can start linking to each others.

We are also doing the same with Great Pumpkin Day. You can view mine HERE. and Marge's HERE. Cathy is also going to start one. I can't wait to see everyone's blogs and read their posts. Don't be shy...jump right in...the fun thing about these is two posts a month can keep them up to before Great Pumpkin Day talking about your plans.....and one after telling about what all you accomplished...ummm or didn't if you are like me some months! Oh course you can post more than two a month if inspiration hits....BOO

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