Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Journey to Cinco de Mayo

We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo Saturday evening with a small gathering at my daughter's condo. It will be so much fun just sitting around having good conversations...ummm or knowing us some of the conversations may turn to the not so good...but even more fun then!!! LOL...
We are having:
  • Margaritas (well duh)
  • Mini Tacos (these are made with wonton wraps...so multi-cultural..lol)
  • Margarita Salsa and Chips
  • Mexican Chex Mix
  • Salsa Strips
  • Dip & Chips

I'll give you an update about the gathering later...one thing we plan to do is plan the Ghost Scenic Route Tour...which involves visiting some supposedly haunted places here locally.

1 comment:

Eileen said...

Hi Ginger, That sounds like alot of fun. Let us know how it goes. Take CAre;)

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