Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Journey to My Fairy Garden

I am very excited about my new blog: Fairy Dust & Fairy Kisses This blog is a just for me...just for fun blog...if you want to visit it you are welcome of course. I am going to be chronicaling my creation of a fairy garden this spring and summer. Gosh I didn't realize that Fairy Gardens are such an interesting and expensive hobby. Some of the places I looked at were selling Fairy Houses for over 300 dollars. I have been researching the flowers that are typical in fairy gardens...not because I believe that I am going to attract some BUT because I want my fairy garden to be as authentic as possible.
My neighbor has also agreed to create some fairy doors so I will have some little escape routes for the fairies since they do not like to be seen by humans...LOL. I think he might even try his hand at a fairy house or two...And I have plans to create a tiny lake with a tiny stone path. I already have some tiny wire furniture that will work perfectly in this minature garden. This will be an ongoing project but the stone flowerbed I will be using is the perfect place and I have a stump that I am going to use in the garden also.
Anyway it gives me something fun to look for at the flea market...tiny items that can be added to the Fairy Garden. I'll post some pictures of the work in progress over at my fairy blog.

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