Sunday, April 13, 2008

Journey To Tax Day

Well this is my CRUNCH weekend...tons of paperwork and other stuff to finally get off my list. My taxes have been done for quite a while but am waiting to mail till tomorrow. Yes because I OWE....Need to get my daughter's finalized today and she can mail hers tomorrow also....and she is actually get a nice refund....just had some questions to resolve before she could file.

Can I just say....I hate taxes??? For one things the forms and paperwork are extremely confusing if you have anything at all outside the norm. They take a lot of time and give me a headache. Second of all....the average person is the one who gets hits hardest. The very wealthy seem to find ways around taxes and the very poor get refunds bigger than the amount of taxes they paid in....I know some need them....I won't argue that one BUT why does the average person...ME....never seem to get ahead....???

Sorry this is just my TAX rant for the year....your safe again until next April.

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