Prom Dress Saturday

So once again we have waited until the week before prom to go shopping for dresses....many reasons for this procrastination but mainly TIME.....both my time and Kelsey's time. So in a couple hours here we are off to find THE dress...wish us luck.!!! I'll post a picture when we find it...Last year we took pictures of a bunch of dresses she tried on in the fitting rooms including the lovely aqua blue one that she finally decided on.

Along with dress shopping of course comes I'll let you know all about that also..LOL.
We have not been going out to eat on Fridays because Dale was off work with his knees and we are working to keep on budget. So this will be a nice little treat! Of course, now that he is back at work...I am sure we will be going out more again but still plan to limit it somewhat.


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