Thursday, April 24, 2008

So What Happened to Simplify?

Hey...remember my word for 2008...simplify? What happened to it? Things seem anything but simple right now...but that's okay...I do love blogging and sharing ideas online so I try to not let that overwhelm me. Right now I just have too many interests and too many things I want/love to do....and then of course those things I don't really love but have to housework and bills etc.

As we move into May things will continue to be hectic for a while and then hopefully calm down a bit. May is a wonderful month here where I live...full of sunshine (usually), warmer weather (usually) and the opportunity to go barefoot. My mom used to say that you can not go barefoot in any month that contains an "r" if you think about it...that only leaves, May, June, July, and August!!!

Be sure that I will continue to look for ways to simplify so I have more chances to do the things I really love like write, craft, entertain, and have fun!!!

1 comment:

Eileen said...

Hi Ginger, I love what your mom said about not going barefoot with any month with the letter r in it. I am going to use that one:) Take care.

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