Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Prom Dress Update

Well...I was too pooped to update this Saturday evening...we spent the whole day and could not find one dress that fit Kelsey...not even in some hideous color...LOL....very discouraged and exhausted we trudged back home. I was very nervous about heading out again today in search of the illusive...LAST minute dress...BUT...all is well that ends well.
Today we found 8 different dresses...all which fit and any could have worked. Kelsey originally wanted a purple dress and we found two but she ended up selecting a red dress because she liked the fit and cut better than either of the purple ones. We also bought all her accessories although she still might pick up a new pair of shoes. She has a pair she can wear if she doesn't find anything else, so I'm not panicking about that like I was the dress!!
So it's CELEBRATION SUNDAY...whew...NEVER wait till the last minute...DUH!
I'll post a picture of the dress a bit later!!!

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