Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Salutations

Do you think of Sunday as the LAST day of the week or the FIRST...???

This weekend has been busy as can be....a few more things to do and then everything will be pretty much "caught up".

So a fresh new week...with a new start...I love new beginnings. The week is there just waiting to be "lived". I need to look at my calendar for my evening appointments this week. I am not sure how many I have. Thursday night for sure is another Poetry Cafe at the middle school, and I plan on attending that. The kids have been hard at work on their poetry and some of it is soooo powerful. I have a poem I wrote that I meant to read I couldn't locate it...hopefully I can find it by Thursday of this week. If I do, I'll put it up here at Ginger's Journey...its called I Shall Find You.

I hope to get in some more creative work this week in the evenings. But each day is a new adventure so I can't really predict. I'd also like to write about the little woman that I talked about in one of my earlier entries. I know that today was a Great Pumpkin Day but I will just have to do mine on the other official GPD (the 30th).

Well...maybe more later...still need to cross a couple more things off the list...Take care!!!!

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Eileen said...

Hi Ginger I tagged you.So if you want to play come by my blog.Your it

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