Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thinking About the Week Ahead

The main thing I want to do creative this complete prompts 4-5-6 in my Garden Art Journal
  • Prompt Four needs to have a heritage look as it is dealing with gardens in the past and I will journal about my mom and her flower beds.
  • Prompt Five is a Dream Garden and I need to give it a "dream like" quality.
  • Prompt Six is a new thing and I need to try a new embellishment.

If I get those three done then I need to work on Week Three (prompts 7-8-9) then I will be caught up!!

I also need to update my calendar, finish some paperwork, and take some things to Goodwill.

Here in Blog Land:

  • Wednesday is Great Pumpkin Day...I need to finish my Halloween scrapbook pages (one two page layout) so I can take photos and post it on that blog.
  • On Ginger's Journey I will try to get up some more prom pics and who knows what can never be sure what mood I will be in and that certainly dictates what I write.
  • I have a list over at Month by Month for this week and then of course my main focus at Magical Holiday Home will be to get up May Monthly Magic.

Wow looks like I have a busy week and that's even without check back in...I really need to de-stress...and my favorite way of doing writing!! More later...Let's have a GREAT week!!!

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