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Out of the Twilight Zone!

Have you ever had that very distinct feeling that you were moving backwards or at the very least standing still? Well I have been feeling that way a lot lately. Oh time seems to FLY forward but I am just left in the dust...wondering why nothing ever gets marked off my list and shaking my head at all the things I plan on doing that never seem to materialize! Not just work stuff....but fun things too.

So this week is about.... moving forward...and the first step is to capture all those things I want or feel the need to do...list them....sort them...and DO at least a few of them. I feel like I am caught in a time machine that moves forward hurling me along with it and yet...none of the things I dream of...get this the Twilight Zone or what? That show used to scare the daylights out of me when I was a kid and now I can feel it sucking me into the craziness!!!

So this week I am moving forward...I am in charge AND something I want to get done is GONNA get done. Hey if not…

Memorial Day Weekend

A three day weekend before us....YIPPEE....but it will be over in the blink of an eye....sure wish the weather would cooperate.

Today we are off to the Renaissance Fair. This local event is in a large park that is set up like the Renaissance period with people dressed in period costumes. There is also Fairy Woods...which is of course my favorite. People create and dress in their fairy costumes and there are fairy headwreaths etc for sale. The members of the Fair walk around and talk and do little impromptude plays throughout the park. There are also several stages where plays, singing, and other events are held. Then of course there is food...LOL.

Tomorrow we are invited to a barbeque at the neighbors and that is usually a lot of fun with good food and talk. I suppose Monday is "unplanned" but there will be plenty to do!! My list of things I'd like to do is a mile long!!! And I'm not talking about laundry and cleaning either!!

As someone pointed out recently I have …

Journey to the Last Day of School

Wow...May is absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y.....thank goodness for the upcoming three day weekend. I have one more month before I will be finished with the clients I see in private practice...but things are really slowing down in that actually come straight home from school is an awesome feeling. Makes the evening so much smoother.
Kelsey is actually relaxing a bit herself and enjoying her Senior Week...everyone else is still in school but seniors are finished!! Tuesday she went out to a friend's house and a bunch of them had an Indiana Jones marathon...then they went to the midnight showing of the new Indiana Jones movie Wednesday night at midnight.
We are planning to go to the Renainsance (I know that's not spelled right) Fair this weekend if the weather is good. I can't wait to visit the Fairy Forest...last year we took a picture of Evan with the Queen of the Fairies...don't know if he will sit on her lap this year though. I think he will be in awe of all the funny co…

Senior Day

Today was the last day for seniors. I managed to slip away for a while and get over to the high school to watch the senior video. There were baby/toddler pictures of all the kids and then their senior pictures. There were also lots of group photos from younger days and more recent. I can't even tell you the songs that were playing in the background because I was so busy trying to see everything. There are lots of kids in this class that Kelsey has known since before kindergarten. Several of them are going to the same university as Kelsey so I hope they can maintain their friendships. It's rare in today's fast paced society for relationships to extend for so many years.

Graduation Party Theme

Well for those of you in the area ...friends and relatives that read my will be getting your invitations to Kelsey's graduation party soon. We are actually having it a couple weeks after graduation itself....the date is June 8th...too many other events in the meantime...Project Graduation, Memorial Day weekend, and a ton of other grad parties. We are trying to decide if we want a theme and what it should be. We have narrowed it down to either:
Queen for the DayCrazy EightsSince its 2008...hence the Crazy 8s but not sure which one to go with...or none...well you will just have to wait and see and be surprised!!! Let me tell you this is going to be a hectic week with all the senior stuff and then graduation itself on will feel GREAT when we get through all of it!! But it will be worth it ...Kelsey's last day is Thursday and I plan to try and get over top see the Senior DVD that they are playing. we will get a copy at Project Graduation but thought…

Congratulations Kelsey

Tonight was the awards night at school and Kelsey received her Student Council Award and her College Prep Certificate AND the following scholarships:

1. International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Scholarship
2. Warren County Rotary Club Scholarship
3. Warrenton Fire Protection District Scholarship
4. Warren County Sherriff's Department Role Model Scholarship

WAY TO GO KELSEY...we are so proud of you!!! I am particularly proud of the Role Model one because to be selected from her entire class to get it is an awesome compliment. She is such a kind and wonderful girl....if I can say so myself...LOL.

Ghosts: The Scenic Route Tour 2008

Okay as I mentioned earlier...some of us have been putting together a fun little road trip that we are calling Ghosts: The Scenic Route Tour...we could even make t-shirts...LOL. The main idea behind this is to visit a few local places that are supposedly haunted and just have a bit of fun...on a SUNNY afternoon...see even growing up on a haunted farm doesn't make me brave.

Here's the Roadtrip plan for right now but it is certainly open to altering.
Haunted house at New Truxton exitElsberry Cemetary ('s a cemetary...bound to be ghosts there!)Tunnel Road (two places here...Satan's Tunnel and a mysterious retreat area)Bluff Road (here we will be watching for the Hounds from Hell that roam from the bluff back to the haunted farm itself AND I am brave enough to do this one at dusk or even is after all my old stomping grounds! The road however is a bit treacherous.)That will most likely be Tour #1 as it is a bit spread out and will take awhile to travel and o…

Fairy Gardens

I spent a little time working on the fairy gardens today. They are still plain because they need the actual plants and mulch. Of course I am still looking for a bit of decor for them but I want to get the plants in place first so I know what I still need. You can see the pictures:


I am going to be super sore tomorrow from all the yard work. But it has to get done at some point and today was a perfect outside day...not too hot or too cold!!! I want to get a post up later about the Cinco de Mayo party and also another episode about the Little Woman...but times a ticking and I have some stuff to do before lights more later!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well it is Friday and all is well with the world little funk has passed and I am back to my chirper self (basically) I really think that is how I stay basically healthy...although a bit over I got all my test results back and they look pretty good...a very very slight elevation of cholestrol and a bit of an imbalance between good and bad cholestrol...but nothing major by any means. Of course they added that lovely little diet thing that shows all those YUMMY foods that help such things. BUT the best thing blood sugar is RIGHT in the middle of normal. Normal is 70-110 and mine is 93. Now as good of a friend as she is ...this annoyed my friend Cresia who found out a few months ago that she has diabetes. Her blood sugar at the time was 288 (or some horrible number). Sorry Cresia...I guess I just have a genetic disposition to eat!!! LOL.

Goodness I am OLD...talking about health and ailments instead of margaritas and Cinco de Mayo....well Saturday evenin…

Things on My Mind

How long does it take for "pay back"?When things get tough...the tough get going.What time is "later"?How many eggs are in your basket?When is "enough is enough"?Is that detour a dead end?Who knows the answers?Can you have a friend without being one?Do mean people have a meaness gene?Can people change?Okay enough thought provoking questions...I'm's been a long week and gas prices are still going up!!! I am becoming cynical and can't let that happen....nobody wants to read doom and gloom. A good meal and a good night's rest and all will be right again...and of course tomorrow being Friday...doesn't hurt anything!!!