Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Congratulations Kelsey

Tonight was the awards night at school and Kelsey received her Student Council Award and her College Prep Certificate AND the following scholarships:

1. International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Scholarship
2. Warren County Rotary Club Scholarship
3. Warrenton Fire Protection District Scholarship
4. Warren County Sherriff's Department Role Model Scholarship

WAY TO GO KELSEY...we are so proud of you!!! I am particularly proud of the Role Model one because to be selected from her entire class to get it is an awesome compliment. She is such a kind and wonderful girl....if I can say so myself...LOL.


tricia said...

Congrats Kelsey. Quite a list of accomplishments WTG

Love to decorate said...

Kelsey, congrats on all your accomplishments. Especially the role model. What a great honor
marge in Michigan

Daughter, Girlfriend, Sister and Friend said...

Kelsey has grown into a smart young lady. She has done a-lot over the past 4 years in high school. I hope she enjoys the summer off and looks forward to college. congrats Kelsey

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