Fairy Gardens

I spent a little time working on the fairy gardens today. They are still plain because they need the actual plants and mulch. Of course I am still looking for a bit of decor for them but I want to get the plants in place first so I know what I still need. You can see the pictures:


I am going to be super sore tomorrow from all the yard work. But it has to get done at some point and today was a perfect outside day...not too hot or too cold!!! I want to get a post up later about the Cinco de Mayo party and also another episode about the Little Woman...but times a ticking and I have some stuff to do before lights out...so more later!


Jessica said…
I was thinking, something else you could add to your fairy garden is a big seashell. You could partially bury it or just have it sitting there as a place for the fairies to rest or hide.
Ginger said…
Oh good idea...now that you mention it..one of the gardens I looked at online had shells...perfect...thanks!!
Ginger said…
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