Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ghosts: The Scenic Route Tour 2008

Okay as I mentioned earlier...some of us have been putting together a fun little road trip that we are calling Ghosts: The Scenic Route Tour...we could even make t-shirts...LOL. The main idea behind this is to visit a few local places that are supposedly haunted and just have a bit of fun...on a SUNNY afternoon...see even growing up on a haunted farm doesn't make me brave.

Here's the Roadtrip plan for right now but it is certainly open to altering.
  • Haunted house at New Truxton exit
  • Elsberry Cemetary (duh...it's a cemetary...bound to be ghosts there!)
  • Tunnel Road (two places here...Satan's Tunnel and a mysterious retreat area)
  • Bluff Road (here we will be watching for the Hounds from Hell that roam from the bluff back to the haunted farm itself AND I am brave enough to do this one at dusk or even dark...it is after all my old stomping grounds! The road however is a bit treacherous.)

That will most likely be Tour #1 as it is a bit spread out and will take awhile to travel and observe. I'm not sure about the Elsberry Cemetary we might head south instead and pick up the Cemetary/Church at Hopewell which is suppose to have ghost lights. Although that one would be better at night and I might just be brave enough to do that one at night. I mean I've seen the ghost lights before and it wasn't too scary.

Now let me explain the mysterious retreat is out in the middle of NO WHERE....with an inground pool, tennis courts, and cabins. It also has been reported to have an electronic gate that opens and shuts but that was about 20 years ago so who knows now. The thing is....it is down the same road as Satan's tunnel which has numerous reports of crazy spooky goings on and not many people in this VERY rural area know much.... if anything about it...and the road it is on is not at all maintained.

The cemetary at Elsberry will need a little research. We are not quite sure where it is located and I am not sure of the nature of the ghostly events. The Hounds of Hell...are part of the haunted farm saga so I will save that for another day but I wonder if they are still around, roaming the hills and gullies of the rocky terrain.

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