Monday, May 12, 2008

Graduation Party Theme

Well for those of you in the area ...friends and relatives that read my will be getting your invitations to Kelsey's graduation party soon. We are actually having it a couple weeks after graduation itself....the date is June 8th...too many other events in the meantime...Project Graduation, Memorial Day weekend, and a ton of other grad parties. We are trying to decide if we want a theme and what it should be. We have narrowed it down to either:
  • Queen for the Day
  • Crazy Eights

Since its 2008...hence the Crazy 8s but not sure which one to go with...or none...well you will just have to wait and see and be surprised!!! Let me tell you this is going to be a hectic week with all the senior stuff and then graduation itself on will feel GREAT when we get through all of it!! But it will be worth it ...Kelsey's last day is Thursday and I plan to try and get over top see the Senior DVD that they are playing. we will get a copy at Project Graduation but thought it would be neat to see it with the Seniors that day.

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