Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well it is Friday and all is well with the world little funk has passed and I am back to my chirper self (basically) I really think that is how I stay basically healthy...although a bit over I got all my test results back and they look pretty good...a very very slight elevation of cholestrol and a bit of an imbalance between good and bad cholestrol...but nothing major by any means. Of course they added that lovely little diet thing that shows all those YUMMY foods that help such things. BUT the best thing blood sugar is RIGHT in the middle of normal. Normal is 70-110 and mine is 93. Now as good of a friend as she is ...this annoyed my friend Cresia who found out a few months ago that she has diabetes. Her blood sugar at the time was 288 (or some horrible number). Sorry Cresia...I guess I just have a genetic disposition to eat!!! LOL.

Goodness I am OLD...talking about health and ailments instead of margaritas and Cinco de Mayo....well Saturday evening is shaping up to be FUN and I am sure I will have plenty to write about next week. But for now I must get ready for another day at the middle school...where should I say the kiddos have been in high gear...oh my that reminds me of a bit of a topic I want to share...but no time now!!! LATER.

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