Thursday, May 22, 2008

Journey to the Last Day of School

Wow...May is absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y.....thank goodness for the upcoming three day weekend. I have one more month before I will be finished with the clients I see in private practice...but things are really slowing down in that actually come straight home from school is an awesome feeling. Makes the evening so much smoother.
Kelsey is actually relaxing a bit herself and enjoying her Senior Week...everyone else is still in school but seniors are finished!! Tuesday she went out to a friend's house and a bunch of them had an Indiana Jones marathon...then they went to the midnight showing of the new Indiana Jones movie Wednesday night at midnight.
We are planning to go to the Renainsance (I know that's not spelled right) Fair this weekend if the weather is good. I can't wait to visit the Fairy Forest...last year we took a picture of Evan with the Queen of the Fairies...don't know if he will sit on her lap this year though. I think he will be in awe of all the funny costumes, the area, and the music. I'll try to snap a few pictures and put them up here at Ginger's Journey.

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