Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

A three day weekend before us....YIPPEE....but it will be over in the blink of an eye....sure wish the weather would cooperate.

Today we are off to the Renaissance Fair. This local event is in a large park that is set up like the Renaissance period with people dressed in period costumes. There is also Fairy Woods...which is of course my favorite. People create and dress in their fairy costumes and there are fairy headwreaths etc for sale. The members of the Fair walk around and talk and do little impromptude plays throughout the park. There are also several stages where plays, singing, and other events are held. Then of course there is food...LOL.

Tomorrow we are invited to a barbeque at the neighbors and that is usually a lot of fun with good food and talk. I suppose Monday is "unplanned" but there will be plenty to do!! My list of things I'd like to do is a mile long!!! And I'm not talking about laundry and cleaning either!!

As someone pointed out recently I have been lax in my posting...LOL...lots going on right now and I needed a bit of time to regroup...but never fear I am not going anywhere...I have several more haunted farm stories to share and our ghost tour is shaping up nicely so there will be some fun things to share about that I'm sure....and then there are the fairy gardens...I'm planning to work on that a bit this allowing....and then I am doing some themed chats over at The Merry Forums...a sister site to my very own Magical Holiday those should be fun too!!! But I SHALL be here at Ginger's Journey ALL summer so check back often to see what's new!!

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