Monday, June 30, 2008

Just June

June is coming to an end today. I can't really believe it. I may have mentioned before that June and October are my two favorite months...I may have to revise that!!! June this year was terribly rainy around here...and generally what I love about it is being able to get outside before the sorching heat of July. And that just didn't happen!! I missed it!!! In fact there was so much rain that my flower beds are still bare in some places. You just can't plant in the mud!

July is here and it's crammed with plans and good intentions. Not even going to ramble on about what all I plan to accomplish since that will only create a feeling of failure if the end of July arrives with little marked off the list. I am going to be enjoying the month long Christmas in July celebration over at Magical holiday Home however! We have movies, crafts, and discussions all month long!!! So lots to accomplish and lots of fun too!!!

Well, I just wanted to check in here at Ginger's Journey...I need to start making a list of some of the stories I want to share with you here because I am honestly quite afraid I will memory is just not what it used to be....and oh yes...the Ghost Tour....that has to be gotten in this month as well as our Summer Backyard Bash...Pirate Fest 08!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

Here are a few tidbits to contemplate on this Wednesday morning:

  • When does friendship begin. Does it start at the very first meeting or is it something that must weather the trials of time before it is REAL? Have you every wondered about the levels or kinds of friendship and how we use that term so readily. We have "friends" that we take classes with but hardly ever see otherwise. We have friends that we work with but once the work connection is broken it is difficult to maintain the friendship. And we have friends that are like comfortable blankets. They've been around soooo long they are sort of worn and faded...but they are the first thing you reach for when you are cold or needing comfort.
  • What is truth? I see this all the time...people so stuck in their viewpoint that it is their TRUTH...regardless of any other considerations. OH there are truths that are black and white..."Did you take the last cookie?" That's pretty black and white...yes or no...But get anything more complicated than that and people's own realities kick in...and let me tell you...their reality is not necessarily the same as anyone else's.
  • What is laughter? I mean really...think about it...what is it...??? Something strikes us as funny we laugh...but WHY? Could the human species survive without it? What role does laughter play in overall life? Oh sure it makes it a lot more fun...but is there a quality to it that is NEEDED?

Okay enough wisdom for one day...wouldn't want to overwhelm ourselves with DEEP thought.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Moments

Mondays are always a bit of a chore now, now aren't they...the beginning of a new work week...ummm...but wait...I'm on vacation. Have you ever noticed how the quality of time is just a tad bit different when it's either a day off or a vacation. The hours are just sweeter somehow.

We are off at Bennett Springs...trout fishing or at the water park or at Silver Dollar City...depending on the weather we just weren't too sure what we would be up to on Monday but most likely trout fishing, relaxing in the camper...yes it is air conditioned! and unwinding from the hectic work week last week! I wrote this and set it to post you wouldn't miss me too if Blogger is working as it is suppose to this should be appearing on my blog Monday June 23rd!!

We plan to do a bit of shopping too while we are here...there's a neat Lee outlet in Lebanon and a couple other little out of the way places. Not a very elaborate trip but the economy is just too iffy right now for a long trip anywhere....hoping to get to an ocean next summer because I am missing it badly!!

Well...take care and "see" you soon!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Saga of the Little Woman Continues

Okay the last time I wrote about the little woman I described what I remembered from my childhood and mentioned that that was not the only encounter or story about this seemingly benign spirit (for lack of a better word).

Years later when my mom was sharing unusual stories of an ummmm...we shall say supernatural nature...I mentioned the Little Woman story...and it was then that I discovered that my odd experience was not the first nor the last visit. Describing for me in vivid detail she talked about her first knowledge of the little old woman...when my sister Connie was a baby....still in a basinett beside the bed.

It seems that mom had come slowly awake and realized that someone was standing beside the basinett. Her heart was gripped with fear even though to her the lady looked quite angelic. She worried that her presence at the baby's bedside meant that she was going to die. It was only after weeks and weeks of unease that she was able to put those thoughts aside. After contemplation she came to the conclusion that the little woman represented a family guardian or spirit. She only came to this conclusion quite a while later after hearing about similar visits that the woman made to my aunts who lived in Kansas City Missouri but that is a tale for another day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Margarita Thursday!

Every Thursday during the summer "off from school" months I meet with some of my friends for Margarita a local Mexican place that has Happy Hour prices until 8:00. The group that gathers varies from week to week and I was just woke up from a lovely nap to answer a ringing phone with some one inquiring if we are doing Margarita it Thursday? If so we are!!! Just kidding last week we skipped for a variety of reasons but we try to maintain the schedule as much as possible.

Margarita Thursday is more about friendship than drinking...just to make that clear...LOL. I actually started the tradition last summer as a way to have some fun during the summer months, stay in touch with friends, and just because I am a wild and crazy person. It's a nice couple of hours just relaxing and talking and trying to capture the wonderful essence of summer and carefree times. Tonight looks to be a BIG lots to talk about...I enjoy them large or small but it's at least nice when someone shows up other than just little ole ME!!!

Whether you enjoy Margaritas or iced tea (as some of my friends choose) consider having a weekly girls night. It's tons of fun and something that really boosts the spirits. It's important to laugh and have is just too short not to enjoy every little minute of it! So pick a night....Munchies on Mondays, Tequila Tuesdays, Wild Wednesdays, Margarita Thursdays, Friday Frolics....etc etc. etc....Have fun, live life, and always know that the journey that is yet to be the best!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Musings

Well...I'm off here in about 30 minutes to see my last two private clients...June 28th is my "official" last day with my private practice but the next two days I will be with Kelsey at the UMC...for Summer Welcome...and then next week we are on after a couple phone calls calendar is clear. It feels GOOD!!

School in the fall will be my only job...and that will be the first time in 11 years. Wow. I am sure I will keep plenty busy. It always amazes me when people comment that they don't want to retire because they'll have nothing to do....I have soooo many things I want to do.

Went shopping today and picked up a couple things...clothes mostly but I did find the cutest little gnomes at Target for my fairy garden.....and some cute bottles in the dollar spot for making into bottles for the Witches Kitchen for Halloween and the Boo Bash 08.

Well best say goodbye for now but I'll pop back in later tonight to CELEBRATE...finishing with the clients!!! Till then...take care!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The "I Should Be" Journey

Oh you know the journey I mean...the ones that start with...."I should be..." In fact I was going to start this very post with....I should be in bed but....

I wonder how many times that phrase is used in a week....??? The truth is "I should be" never gets us anywhere. It's a deadend where you either run out of gas or out of road...either way's over!

"I should be"... is the appetizer of sets the stage for not being happy with where you are and what you are choosing to do...even though sometimes it really is something to pay attention to! We can and do waste time...but it's really not a matter of should or should not...but a choice we are making.

I use it a lot...but mostly tongue in cheek...I know what I should be doing and perhaps I am just a bit defiant....but either way...I'll do what I want..when I want...LOL and yeah sometimes when I stay up too late...I regret it a bit in the groggy morning hours...but hey...there's only so many hours in this lifetime...and I mean to get the MOST out of them...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thinking about Journeys you have probably noticed by now...I talk a lot about journeys and tie a lot of things into the whole idea of a journey even where most people would not think of it that way at all. I like the concept and I think it fits a bunch of things in life...well actually just about everything! So when I started this little blog about MY thoughts I decided on the name: Ginger's first I planned to start from grandmotherhood and work backwards in life talking about different aspects of my journey along life's road but that just seemed a little too....well too ordinary...and if there's one thing I'm's ordinary!

Then I just happened across the little saying that you see under the title:

Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.

And while I do not consider myself a hero...I like the whole concept...the idea that just traveling through life and confronting the difficult things one might encounter on the journey helps us discover our true selves and in doing so...aren't we all just a bit of a hero?

That's why I like this blog and have no plans to delete gives me a place to think deep thoughts (ummm and not so deep ones at times) and it allows me to discover things about myself that only writing allows one to if you ever reach a point in life where you are in disarray, stumbling along the path....try journaling or doesn't have to be out there for the world to see for it to be useful...I have reached a point in life where I only care a bit about other's I can take the risk that other's view my ramblings as pitiful, or silly or weird, or just dumb...I don't mind....(well maybe just a bit) But since some of you keep reading I suppose my thoughts must be useful (or at least interesting) in some manner to some people and for that I am glad!

So goodnight and sleep tight...somewhere in the darkness of your dreams, may you find the wisdom and the courage to be the REAL's an awesome discovery!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Creative Kids Corner

Okay I have deleted my blog called Creative Kids Corner BUT be watching for the articles and items from it to show up as posts and pages on the Magical Holiday Home homepage....consolidating has it's advantages...all the one spot!! Very Handy!

Here at Ginger's Journey things continues as always! Summer break is finally here so I am excited about having a bit more free the meantime...the journey never ends...just a few pit stops!!! LOL

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blog Announcement

Just so my loyal blog readers will know....I am deleting some of my do NOT panic....Ginger's Journey is and Month by Month are my two faves....and I am keeping the special day least for now.

So far I have axed...My Home Journal and Fairies, Elves, & Leprechauns...Oh My. And following shortly will be The Creative Spirit and Creative Kids Corner. The Creative Spirit is sort of hard for me to delete because it was one of my first blogs!!! But I have the Magical Creative Spirit as part of the Magical Network. I am actually copying and saving posts from some of the blogs and will be integrating them into some of the remaining blogs....then all the good stuff will be together!! HOORAY....remember my word for 2008 is SIMPLIFY....gotta a little blog crazy and now it's time to pull in the reins!!! PLUS honestly...who has time to hop around reading all of them...this will be much easier for the readers AND the author (ummm,...that's me!!)

Any way...just wanted you to know what's up!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Graduation Party Weekend

Okay tomorrow we are hosting two graduation parties for Kelsey and ummmm...I am NOT ready. So today will be a whirlwind of activity as we prepare the house, yard, and food for the family party tomorrow which will be here at the house. Then AFTER that party we will check in at the local Comfort Inn for their conference room. This room is a great place for hosting events. It is a large room with a kitchenette area...with counters and a table (if needed) for food service. It has a pull down bed for spending the night (but it can stay up giving more room for the event itself.) and a few comfy chairs but other wise it is a large room with TV and DVD so we decided to host Kelsey's friends party there. They can use the inside pool until 10:00 and then watch movies and play board games etc in the room...all night for some and part of the night for others depending on who chooses to stay etc. The good thing about the room is NO CLEANING...LOL...just throw up a few decorations, put out the food and we are good to go!!! So other than getting together food and decorations...that party is set...but the house alas...there is a lot to food...I mean what's a party without food. Hopefully...I'll have a few pictures to share next week!! Wish me luck!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wondering Journey

Have you ever wondered about .....well about free will and God's will? You know I generally believe that things are God's will...if they are meant to be...they will be...oh sometimes we may not like God's decisions because they are not what our narrow viewpoint tells us WE want but with His broader vision...He knows a better direction or a door that needs to be closed....or heck even slammed shut. That's how I feel about 98% of the time and then there's this....

I know there are things is the world that God does not want...or at least it would seem serial killers, war, child abuse, suffering etc. So what about those? If we say we will Trust in the Lord...and whatever happens in our life is His will or decision or whatever...then what about the horrific stuff...I just don't think He chooses that...and yet for other stuff we are to listen for His voice and accept whatever happens...ummmm...I want to do that but I know there is evil in the world, I know that things that are not right happen everyday...I just don't think that is God's I am wondering how we balance the two.

I mean I want to believe and put 100% trust in God's direction but then there's fear.... fear that some other force is at play...and while I know God has all the Power to doesn't happen. Strange. Please know that this is not an anti-God rant....just a reflection on my spiritual journey in an attempt to understand the world and lifes events....for I know there are many things in my life that I have only been able to move past because of divine intervention. So this is just a VERY early morning post where sleep alludes me and the mind wanders aimlessly along the paths of life....yearning for understanding.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello Again

Sorry I have been MIA....don't know where time goes. I have been busy here there and everywhere. All of the sudden there are dozens of things...all needing my attention at the same time.

I've been trying to work on my flower beds but the rain just doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Still working at school until the 11th so hopefully more time will open up after that. I've been planning to write a couple new articles and such just hasn't happened!!

I am going out to stick a flower or two in the fairy gardens before the rain rears it's ugly head again....but I just wanted to let everyone know....I'm still here...just busy on my journey....more later!

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