Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blog Announcement

Just so my loyal blog readers will know....I am deleting some of my blogs....now do NOT panic....Ginger's Journey is remaining....it and Month by Month are my two faves....and I am keeping the special day ones....at least for now.

So far I have axed...My Home Journal and Fairies, Elves, & Leprechauns...Oh My. And following shortly will be The Creative Spirit and Creative Kids Corner. The Creative Spirit is sort of hard for me to delete because it was one of my first blogs!!! But I have the Magical Creative Spirit as part of the Magical Network. I am actually copying and saving posts from some of the blogs and will be integrating them into some of the remaining blogs....then all the good stuff will be together!! HOORAY....remember my word for 2008 is SIMPLIFY....gotta a little blog crazy and now it's time to pull in the reins!!! PLUS honestly...who has time to hop around reading all of them...this will be much easier for the readers AND the author (ummm,...that's me!!)

Any way...just wanted you to know what's up!!

1 comment:

Eileen said...

Hi Ginger, Just stopping by so say hello. How you are doing well take care.

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